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Auto Paint Repair for Vehicles in Eleanor, WV

Professional Auto Paint Repair Services for Cars, Vans, and Trucks

Vehicle owners in Eleanor, WV, and the surrounding areas can have peace of mind knowing that they can bring their car, van, or truck to Meadows Body Shop for skilled auto paint repair services. We understand sometimes the paint on your vehicle needs some extra care after accidents, hail storms, or when something like a shopping cart hits your vehicle. Meadows Body Shop uses Sikkens Paint to repair the color on your vehicle. It offers a high-quality, smooth finish and the ability to match with almost any color. Our facility uses controlled environment paint booths to ensure a perfect finish every time. To schedule an appointment for paint repair,
call Meadows Body Shop (304) 586-4374.

We Understand Each Step is Important in the Auto Paint Repair Process

At Meadows Body Shop, every step of the auto paint repair process is crucial to guaranteeing smooth and rich color on each vehicle we work on. Our technicians first make any necessary repairs and removes any dents or other marks from the exterior. Then, they clean all exterior panels and make sure there are no contaminants on the car’s surface. The paint booths at Meadows Body Shop use a temperature-controlled environment to reduce the contaminants. The paint booth prevents over-spray problems, and makes sure the color only goes where it needs to be on a vehicle.

Sikkens Paints Covers a Wide Range of Paint Colors for a Perfect Match

Meadows Body Shop can repair chips, nicks and scratches on the exterior of your vehicle and make the paint look brand-new again. It is important to repair even minor chips or scratches to prevent the area from rusting. Our experienced auto paint technicians can repair the minor damage on the exterior of a vehicle and paint over it for a smooth finish. Since Sikkens Paints offers a wide range of colors, we know our auto paint repair technicians can find the right match for any vehicle.