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Frame and Unibody Repair for Vehicles in Eleanor, WV

Professional Frame and Unibody Repair for Automobiles in the Area

Many people think damage to the unibody or frame of a car means it is a complete loss, but that is not always the case. With the Black Hawk frame machine at Meadows Body Shop in Eleanor, WV, it is possible to repair even considerable damage to the frame or unibody of a vehicle. Even with large amounts of damage, the cost for repair at Meadows Body Shop can be less than the value of the vehicle. With the use of unibody frames in modern cars, they are able to handle accidents better. Unibody frames come in pieces, which means it is possible to replace the damaged parts. When your car is in an accident, bring it to Meadows Body Shop right away to have it repaired. To schedule an appointment for frame or unibody repair for automobiles, contact Meadows Body Shop at (304) 586-4374.

Our Technicians Have the Right Tools and Skill to Repair Auto Frames

All vehicles have a frame that holds everything in your vehicle, from the internal workings to the metal panels that create the exterior of the car. The frame is pretty strong, but it can become damaged when involved in an accident. This frame allows you to drive safely on the road, but when there are serious problems it can affect how it operates. Bent suspension components and bent subframes or unibodies are all serious problems that need attention right away. Subframes are generally found in older vehicles, and newer cars use unibodies. Meadows Body Shop has the right tools and expertise to repair both types after an accident. Our vehicle frame specialists at Meadows Body Shop are happy to make repairs, as long as it costs less than the total value of the car and the amount the insurance is willing to pay for the repair.

Meadows Body Shop Does Each Frame Repair the Right Way

Differences in frames between different vehicle makes and models can make collision repairs a very involved process. That is why Meadows Body pays special attention to make sure to repair each vehicle in a way that is correct to its configuration. Meadows Body Shop will straighten out bent parts of the frame using the Black Hawk frame machine. When necessary, we will remove the damaged part of the frame, and replace it with an equivalent part.